Our history


SubCat is born, Twin Mini

To develop the idea of a submersible vessel with multipurpose navigation capabilities (surface/immersion), Borja Oriol (businessman and Commander of Civil Submarines), founded a company named Subibor, leading a group of naval engineers, businessmen and professionals in the sector such as Alfonso Romo Garza (businessman and engineer), Mariano Perez-Sobrino (Doctor of Naval Engineering), and Jorge Flores (Naval Engineer).


The luxury private submarine, Twin Luxury

Once the technology was proved and certified, Subibor developed a new prototype with better performances. The Twin 7.5 is a luxury submarine, that provides the comfort of a mini yacht with the exclusive advantages of a private submarine.


Launching of the first SubCat S-30- touristic submarine Conquistador Uno

With the idea of making up for the lack of autonomy of conventional submarines, Subibor developed a touristic submarine with capacity for 30 people. This touristic submarine avoids all the operational inconveniences of the traditional submarines for touristic purposes.

2002 - 2004

Launching of two more SubCat S-30 “Balea” and “Catalonia”

The company Subibor, jointly with the Spanish shipyard Nodosa, continued to build two more SubCat S-30 for touristic purposes. This time, the propulsion and autonomy were bettered. 

2003 - 2006

Santorini, Greece. Touristic Submarine operative with Catalonia

+80.000 passengers

The first touristic submarine operative was launched with Catalonia SubCat in Santorini by Subibor and local partners.

2002 - 2008

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. Touristic Submarine operative with Conquistador Uno

+200.000 passengers

The operative was managed by the company Gran Azul Lanzarote, S.L. (previously Subibor) in Puerto del Carmen, where all the passengers were highly satisfied due to the comfort of SubCat design that offered the opportunity to enjoy the richness of the seabed near the island.

2004 - 2014

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. Touristic Submarine operative with Balea

+200.000 passengers

The operative was managed by Gran Azul Fuerteventura, S.L. a company founded by Borja Oriol, from Subibor, and local partners. The experience for tourists increased the interest in the Island. Balea is owned by local businessman and under repair.

2020 - 2022

Brisbane, Australia (now commencing in Cayman Islands). Touristic Submarine operative with Catalonia

Catalonia submarine was sold and now is commencing operation in Cayman Islands with new local owners.


North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Touristic Submarine operative with Conquistador Uno

Conquistador Uno submarine was sold to new owners and will be operative by October in the Eco Family Resort (Marriott) in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


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